Modern-Look Quilted Placemats

Oriental-Inspired Quilted Placemats by Beautiful Entropy Wow, has it been seven months? Yikes. I’ve been busy in the meantime, and have several projects to photograph and post about. We’ll start with the placemats I just finished. The backstory is that about a year ago, I was in a quilting shop looking for thread, and I found a pack of Moda 5″ squares. The specific pack I got (Zen Chic Juggling Summer) is getting hard to find, though I think it’s still available here. Just look at those placemats: isn’t the fabric yummy? I couldn’t resist. I had NO idea what I was going to do with the squares (there are 42 in a pack, so not enough for a quilt or anything), but I knew I had to have it! I think I may have a new addiction: not only was the fabric lovely to work with, but the Moda packs come in so many awesome designs! More