Child’s Workspace Transformation


My daughter’s art space has been, well, a disaster. This is a problem for several reasons. First, it’s impossible for her to find anything, and there’s no actual work space. Seriously. Look:


Not only that, but the workspace occupies a little corner of my kitchen that is in the direct line of sight from my front door. The blue archway above the art table is actually supposed to be the focal point upon entry into my home, and while I don’t at all mind having kid stuff right under it, I’d rather it looked just a little less disastrous. No doubt, the art table needed a transformation.

To get started, I took myself to IKEA. I bought several rods and bins from the Grundtal series, which is technically for kitchens, but I love the way it looks. I also picked up a curtain wire and a couple of “round the corner” supports from the Dignitet series. This was to create a hanging art gallery above the art center. I also picked up a couple of 12″ x 12″ x (approx) 5″ deep plastic trays from Target to store paper under the table. Incidentally, the table and chair stayed; they’re IKEA Mammut series, and I swear they’d survive a meteor strike…and they clean up beautifully.

The whole project required nothing more than a few hours of organization of supplies into bins (markers in one, stickers in another…you get the idea), and about an hour’s worth of my hubby’s time hanging the rods and the curtain wire. Here’s what it looks like now:


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the curtain wire (on the left wall) travels from left to right across the wall, then makes a 90 degree turn and runs straight up for about 12″ before making another 90 degree turn and running back (from right to left) across the wall. This leaves two parallel wires about a foot apart, both of which can be used to hang artwork. Another hidden perk: with her very own “gallery” space, she’ll have the power to decide which of her pieces she wants to display and which she’d rather recycle, thus relieving me of the tasks of having to 1) find spots for all her wonderful creations, and 2) secretly recycle some of them, while fervently praying she won’t notice their absence.

I did make one addition to the Grundtal bins: they’re set up so that the stainless steel hangers sit against the wall, but I quickly determined that with use, this would rub the paint. I added small felt furniture bumpers to the back of each bin in order to make sure that it wouldn’t damage the wall. This way they can be moved around, lifted off their track, and whatever else without causing a problem.

Underneath the table are the two Target paper trays I mentioned. One has construction paper in it, the other contains a variety of pads of paper: white, heavy (paint), scrapbook, etc. Even though the paper trays are relatively heavy, by having them on the floor, she can scoot them around and get what she wants without having to lift anything. All very kid-friendly; she can help herself AND clean up!!

The best part was the unveiling. After I got everything organized, I brought W in and showed her the new art center. She’s a pretty chatty kid, but she was totally speechless. Literally, mouth fell open. She was thrilled! And, of course, immediately responded to the call of the muse.


What do you think?


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