Little Girls’ Swimsuits

I read this article by Pigtail Pals (which eventually made a stir at Blog Her, etc, etc), and it got me thinking. I don’t like the idea of a little girl in a “sexy” swimsuit, and I’d never buy W a string bikini, but what really got my gears turning was the argument for such swimsuits that I saw in the comments sections of the articles. Among them, the idea that a pedophile is a pedophile, and dressing one’s daughter in a specific way doesn’t increase or decrease the likelihood that a pedophile will think bad thoughts and/or do bad things. Regarding this, I heartily disagree.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.24.14 PM

W at 9 months old, enjoying the pool with Grandma.

I want to share a story about a friend of mine. He’s a really good, stand-up guy with a moral compass that points due north, is in his late 20s, and is in a committed relationship with a great woman. I saw him at a social event a few years back, and as we were talking, we both noticed a very pretty young woman of about 18 or 19 walk by. She wasn’t dressed inappropriately for the event or for her age. Her clothing was attractive and stylish but not particularly revealing; her hair and makeup were impeccable. Still, despite all the appropriateness, she was one of those people who just sort of radiate a sexy vibe. My friend noticed her. Took another look. Really noticed her. Shortly thereafter, as he and I were still talking, we saw her walk up to a couple around my age and address the man as “dad.” Turns out, she was the couple’s (very tall) 12-year-old daughter, who — when all dolled up — managed to look completely legal. More


Women’s Button-Down Shirt to Cute Tank Top Restyle

women's shirt to cute tank by Beautiful Entropy

I was browsing the racks at my local secondhand store recently, and I found this shirt:


I had to stand on a chair to take a picture of it. See my toes?

It’s a super cute, lightweight cotton fabric and has neat little pockets. It’s not technically a “button-down” (it has snaps), but the idea is the same. Unfortunately, cute though it is, it has two problems:

  1. There isn’t much call for long sleeve shirts in Phoenix
  2. It has mega pit stains

Because of those totally unacceptable pit stains, I decided the best way to work with this shirt would be to find a way to cut out the offending fabric, which is why I restyled it into a tank top. More

The (Dis) Honest Company vs. Honest Toddler

W is done with diapers now, except for Honest Companynighttime (story on this forthcoming), but while she was still in diapers, we moved away from cloth (I got sick of touching poop) and started using diapers from The Honest Company. I really liked their ethos (sustainability, environmentally friendly practices, non-toxic cleaning products, etc). They also have really cute diapers in lots of fun patterns, ship for free (if you subscribe), and send free wipes with every order. What’s not to love?

Turns out, there’s quite a bit that’s unlovable about The “Honest” Company (and yes, I put that in quotes for a reason). I learned today that the company contacted one of my very favorite bloggers/facebook pages/twitterers (is that a word?) — Honest Toddler — and made some thinly veiled threats. You can read the whole story, with updates, here, but long story short, The Honest Company wanted the (longer-standing) Honest Toddler to delete all his (her? its?) accounts, on the grounds that the similar names could “cause confusion,” and if the accounts weren’t deleted, things could “get expensive” for Honest Toddler. More

Ultra-Simple Duvet Cover

Easy duvet cover from flat sheets by Beautiful Entropy

I’m a big fan of duvet covers for toddlers and little kids. Because duvet covers are easy to wash, W doesn’t use a top sheet (and really, top sheets just get tangled up in little kid feet or pushed aside anyway). In the winter, I put a down comforter inside the cover, and she’s super cozy. In the summer, she uses the duvet cover without an insert, and it acts like a very thick sheet/thin coverlet that provides just the right amount of warmth against cool summer breezes. The only — really, the ONLY — thing I don’t like about duvet covers is that they can be expensive to buy and are nearly impossible to make on the cheap, because it’s really hard to find fabric wide enough for even a twin-size cover (about 64″ wide, finished size), and extra-wide fabric is even more expensive than regular fabric. Anyway, W has been dying for a set of owl sheets, and I found this on Pottery Barn Kids and loved it. That is, loved it…except for the price ($69.00 + tax for a twin sheet set)…and the quality (for that price, I really expect more than 200-count sheets). We went to Target, and I found this set, which was $17.99 for a 225-count sheet set, and was just as cute. I bought an additional flat sheet for $10.99.


This is the flat sheet from the owl set, plus an additional flat sheet in a coordinating coral color that will go nicely with her room.

The plan was to use the pillowcase and fitted sheet from the owl set as they were, and to make the two flat sheets (the one from the set plus the extra) into a duvet cover. Why would I cut up perfectly good flat sheets? Because they’re actually cheaper than buying extra-wide fabric in the same yardage.* Two flat sheets (in any size) make a perfect duvet cover for a bed of that same size. Cheap and easy! More

Exercise Your Way to an Easier Pregnancy — Guest Post at What To Expect

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 8.35.00 AM

Me, cross country skiing at 8 months pregnant. Super awkward, super fun.

Woohoo! I was asked to guest post for the “Word of Mom” blog at the What To Expect When You’re Expecting website! At the request of a friend, my article was about what the science shows regarding exercise and pregnancy. Here’s a very brief summary of my findings:

  1. Listen your body; it will help you find the right effort level for safe pregnancy exercise.
  2. Women who exercised hard before pregnancy can likely continue to do so during pregnancy without trouble, but competitive athletes should talk to their obstetrician about their pregnancy fitness goals, and may require monitoring.
  3. Even if you weren’t much of an exerciser before pregnancy, there’s no time like the present.
  4. If you’re not a fan of the treadmill or weight room, consider water aerobics or yoga!
  5. It’s a good idea to run your exercise and activity plans by your obstetrician to make sure they’re safe.
  6. If anything unusual or concerning happens during or after a workout, call your OB.

You can read the whole article here on What To Expect.