“Onesie Hacks”: Part 1 — the Punky Little Pixie Dress

Onesie to pixie dress conversion by Beautiful EntropySo, I’ve never been a fan of onesies for W. When she was younger, she wore cloth diapers, and onesies just never fit well. From about 18 months on, she would have been really insulted if I’d tried to put one on her; she considered them “baby clothes,” and she is a “BID DUWL” (big girl). Because I have a lot of onesies around — both from gifts people gave her and because of really neat ones that I found at the secondhand store and couldn’t resist — I have implemented a series of “onesie hacks” to transform them into something cute. As a bonus, even kids who will wear onesies generally outgrow them in length before they outgrow them in girth. These onesie hacks solve that problem and allow another season — or at least another few months — of wear. For those of you who are sewing-challenged, fear not; as you can clearly see from this post, I’m a really, REALLY lazy and minimally-skilled seamstress. I’m not a fan of measuring things when I can avoid it, I take shortcuts wherever I can, and I don’t use patterns. More