Ok-To-Wake, My New Car, and A Parenting Fail

So, despite this post that I wrote about a DIY “ok-to-wake” timer, we actually purchased a funky little bug-shaped light that tells W when it’s ok to wake up. This is partly because said bug light is cute, and partly because the fatal flaw in my DIY timer plan was that it was a garden-variety night light, meaning that basically every illuminated night light in our house (or anyone else’s house, for that matter) caused W to ask whether it was time to wake up and “Nee!” (nurse). Anyway, long story short, we have an official “ok-to-wake” light that turns green at wake up time. Consequently, we’ve been spending a lot of time lately talking about the bug light, and that if W (and Doof-the-lovey, of course) wake up before the bug light is green, they need to be very quiet. Once the bug light is green, they can wake Mama up (“Nee!”).

In other news, I recently got a new car. Well, car-ish, anyway. We’re a one-car household in a city with minimal public transportation, and in order to combine exercise with the daily commute, I bike to work. Because hauling W and her accoutrement to and from daycare/gymnastics/etc requires more cargo space than I have available on a normal bike, I decided to purchase an Xtracycle, which is basically a commuter bike with cargo pockets. And an optional child seat. And room to haul a cooler of beer, a hibachi, and a side of beef (not that I’ve tried. No.)

One major advantage of W’s and my new bike is that instead of carting her around in a trailer, which puts her significantly behind and below me (and both precludes conversation and leaves me constantly in fear that her silence is an indication that she’s actively choking on a raisin), she’s close enough that we can chat. Consequently, we talk about what we see around us (Birds! Trees!), we count different colored cars, or we sing the dumb little song I made up to accompany Sandra Boynton’s adorable book “Snuggle Puppy” so many times that I start to go a little crazy.

Today, she asked why I was pushing the button on the post near the street. I told her that it made the light change color so we could ride across the intersection. I showed her the streetlight across from us — currently red — and explained that it meant we had to wait our turn. Pushing the button, I patiently explained to her, caused the light to turn green, which meant we could go. She considered my answer carefully. At the next light, when I pushed the button, she repeated her question. I reminded her that the red light meant we had to wait, and that the button would turn the light green. Then, never one to miss a teaching moment, I asked her, And what happens when the light turns green? She grinned at me.


Sigh. Parenting fail.


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  1. Megyn @Unstuffed
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 11:37:14

    I give you so much props for being a one car family here! We gave it a try for over 6 months, but once it started getting hot and with two small boys, it just wasn’t an option any longer. How do you handle bike riding in this heat with a little one? I always worried about overheating.


    • SquintMom
      Oct 25, 2012 @ 12:58:40

      Thanks! With regard to the heat, I don’t worry about her (after all, she’s just sitting there), though I certainly slather her with sunscreen. The one who could potentially overheat is me, and I mitigate the risk by putting ice water in my water bottles, riding a little more slowly than usual, and avoiding the hottest parts of the day. The other thing is that, honestly, you get used to the heat. Your body adapts to exercising in it. If you randomly decide to go ride your bike when it’s 105 degrees, you’ll probably suffer pretty bad. If you ride every day, though, as the seasons change and the mercury creeps up, you adapt. It still sucks…but at least it isn’t dangerous.


  2. Ashley @ C is for Cockerham
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 20:41:14

    Sounds like W is finding any good excuse to “nee!”


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